Report: Mossad imported Chinese corona vaccine

In addition to a domestically produced vaccine, Israel is reportedly trying to secure vaccines from other sources, including China.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel’s Channel 12 reported that the nation’s Mossad intelligence service brought China’s coronavirus vaccine to Israel within the past several weeks.

While Israel is set to begin human trials on a home-grown corona vaccine on November 1, the Mossad reportedly brought the Chinese formula in earlier to study it.

In addition to the domestically produced vaccine, Israel is also reportedly trying to secure various vaccines from other sources, The Jerusalem Post reported, quoting “a senior Health Ministry official who is in the know.”

The source told The Post there are also several behind-the-scenes “diplomatic efforts” designed to land an effective vaccine as soon as possible.

Neither the Foreign Ministry, the Health Ministry, nor the Prime Minister’s Office responded to inquiries from The Post with regard to why the Mossad is involved, however, the security agency has in the past helped ensure that Israel has adequate supplies of masks, corona tests, and ventilators.

The Post report suggested that Mossad head Yossi Cohen’s involvement permitted Israel to make deals with foreign nations covertly, regardless of the existence of official diplomatic relations.

While the efficacy and safety of the Chinese vaccine remains to be seen, it is being widely distributed in China, where the coronavirus originated.