Russia cooperating with Israel in fight against Radical Islam, Netanyahu says

Addressing a New York think tank on Thursday, Netanyahu explained Russia’s desire to cooperate with Israel in the war against Islamic terror.

Addressing the Hudson Institute’s annual gala at New York’s Plaza Hotel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed Moscow’s determination to protect Russia from the threat of Radical Islam, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“I think Russia has variegated interests. The first interest is to make sure militant Islam does not penetrate and destabilize Russia.”

“There are many, many millions of Muslims in Russia, including in greater Moscow, I think it’s up to two million. And the concern that Russia has, which many countries have is that these populations would be radicalized… First thing is, block militant Islam at its source, especially the Daesh [Islamic State] phenomenon. For that they make strange alliances,” he added.

The Israeli leader visited Moscow in June, where he was given full honors upon arrival. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country will expand cooperation with the Jewish state in the fight against Islamic terror.

“Today we marked the first 25 years of the resumption of relations but we focused mainly on looking forward to the next 25 years,” Netanyahu stated during the visit. “We are cooperating in the fields of technology, innovation and high-tech, in economic matters, trade, tourism and culture – we will soon see a living expression of this at this evening’s performance – and in many other areas.”

But above all, he stressed the two nations’ military cooperation in the Middle East in order “to prevent any incidents, and also to ensure success in fighting our common enemy: international terrorism.”

At the event on Thursday, which followed Netanyahu’s address to the 71st United Nations General Assembly, he also praised what he described as the “tremendous alliance” between Israel and the American people, adding that public support for the Jewish state is steadily increasing.

The Israeli prime minister was honored with the 2016 Herman Kahn Award for his role in strengthening the State of Israel.

By: World Israel News Staff