Syria moves warplanes to Latakia province near Russian forces

The Syrian army moved its warplanes to the Latakia province near Russian forces in an apparent precaution against any future US strike. 

The Syrian army has reportedly moved its aircraft from the Shayrat air base struck by the United States two weeks ago, to a separate airbase in the Latakia province near a Khmeimim Air Base, used by the Russian military.

President Donald Trump authorized the firing of tomahawk cruise missiles on the Shayrat air base in response to a chemical weapons attack on the Idlib province killing more than 80 civilians. The strike was estimated to have destroyed around 24 Syrian warplanes.

The regime in Damascus appears to have made the move as a precaution against future US airstrikes, as the Syrian aircraft are now closer to Russian forces operating out of Latakia.

The Trump administration was cautious, warning Russia in advance of the strike on the Shayrat air base.

Most of Syria’s operational fixed wing military aircraft were moved to the Latakia base, according to an official who spoke to ABC. CNN said according to one US defense official, Syria appears to have moved most, if not all, of its aircraft to the Latakia province.

Russia deployed military forces and operations into Syria in the latter part of 2015 to boost the Syrian government in the country’s civil war. In addition to the Khmeimim airbase, Russia also uses a naval facility in the Tartus province.

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News