Syrians in Golan Heights plan to set up ‘resistance front’ against Israel

A Syrian official appears to have threatened to attack Israel from the Golan Heights.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

The residents of Syria’s Golan Heights are establishing a “united resistance front against Israel,” a Syrian provincial official threatened.

“We will see the integration of popular resistance in both the free and occupied territories of the Golan Heights,” member of Syria’s Quneitra Provincial Council Ra’afat al-Bokar told the Iranian Fars News Agency on Sunday.

“I confidently say that the people have and will never halt their resistance; we will soon witness integrated efforts by popular resistance forces throughout the Golan Heights against Israel,” the provincial official added.

Al-Bokar’s assertions appear to have no substance. Assad’s regime forces no longer control the Golan Heights. The area has been the site off heavy fighting between Assad’s army and rebel factions, and is currently controlled by the rebels.

The intense fighting has, at times, spilled over into Israel.

It is also unclear how many residents still exist in the area. Many have fled the region in wake of the heavy fighting.

Hezbollah and Iranian military forces have attempted to establish a base in the Golan, from which they intended to launch another military front against Israel. According to foreign reports, Israel has conducted several strikes to prevent such a hostile build-up on its borders.

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