Targeting Hamas, Hezbollah aerial threats, IDF boosts ‘sling’ system on borders

IDF expands deployment of anti-missile system that can swiftly neutralize Hezbollah, Hamas drones and aerial threats.

By Adina Katz, World Israel News

As the Hezbollah and Hamas terror groups step up their aerial aggression against Israel, using drones and other UAVs in attack and surveillance attempts against the Jewish State, the IDF is expanding its use of the so-called “Sling” system on its borders.

Also called “Ground Spear”, the system is a 120 mm anti-missile mortar launcher that can be rapidly deployed and stored and transported via military Jeeps and other ground vehicles. Once activated, the Sling can swiftly neutralize aerial threats.

With a range of seven to 10 kilometers (about four to six miles), the system can be operated by a team of either two or four soldiers. The Sling can fire up to 16 mortars per minute, and is guided by both the team physically on the ground and an automated, smart system that helps with leveling and elevation.

“One of the challenges facing the IDF at the border is the ability to produce, in a short-notice situation, a mass of firepower that can paralyze the enemy until the arrival of the helicopter gunships, unmanned aerial vehicles or, in the worst case, fighter jets,” a senior military source told Walla News.

“The uniqueness of this [system] is not only its easy operation, but the speed and accuracy. It was used in [2021 Israel-Gaza clash] Operation Guardian of the Walls, and it proved very effective, especially on targets moving towards the border quickly.”

Another military source told Walla News that the speed of the Sling system is one of its biggest advantages.

“This is a mortar that doubles a combat battalion’s power,” the source said, noting that scrambling to activate a system and aim is hugely problematic and can result in the team losing their target.

“If you wait too long the target disappears. [With the Sling] from the moment of exposure, within a few minutes, you hit the target.”