Trump backers launch effort to gain votes in Israel

There are currently approximately 350,000 people in Israel who hold the right to vote in the US presidential election and the Trump campaign is wasting no time trying to gain their support.

In an effort to gain votes, US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign is working to convince Americans living in Israel who are eligible to vote in the presidential elections, to vote for him in November.

Mark Zell, the head of the organization Republicans Overseas in Israel, is working to convince those American citizens in Israel to vote for Trump.

Zell pointed out that the presidential election in 2000, which was decided by votes from Florida, proved that sometimes Americans living in Israel who are registered in swing states, could make a huge difference in the US elections.

Zvi Brot, the head of the vote-for-Trump effort in Israel, told Kol Yisrael radio that in Israel there are currently 350,000 people with the right to vote in the presidential election. However, Brot says that many of these people are indifferent and have no intention of voting. Brot said that the objective is to change that, and get them to vote for Trump.

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By: World Israel News Staff