Trump said Kushner ‘more loyal to Israel than the US,’ new book claims

Kushner authored the Trump peace plan, announced in 2020, and played a crucial role in bringing about the Abraham Accords.

By Atara Beck, World Israel News

Former U.S. President Donald Trump accused his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner of being more loyal to Israel than to America, authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa alleged in their new book, “Peril,” Business Insider reported.

“You know, Jared’s more loyal to Israel than the United States,” Trump said about his Jewish son-in-law, the book authors wrote.

Kushner authored the Trump peace plan, announced in 2020, and played a crucial role in bringing about the Abraham Accords.

The Business Insider report went on to give more examples of Trump’s “play[ing] into the dual loyalty trope or the anti-Semitic notion that Jewish Americans are more loyal to Israel than the U.S.,” such as his claim in 2019 that Jews who vote Democrat are display either “a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” The president later clarifed his remark.

“The charge of disloyalty has been used to harass, marginalize, and persecute the Jewish people for centuries,” the Anti-Defamation League stated in response to Trump’s statement at the time.

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“Sometimes referred to as the ‘dual loyalty’ charge, it alleges that Jews should be suspected of being disloyal neighbors or citizens because their true allegiance is to their coreligionists around the world or to a secret and immoral Jewish agenda. This anti-Semitic allegation posits that non-Jews should not trust the motives or actions of their Jewish neighbors, who may be engaged in deceitful behavior to accomplish their own goals at the expense of others.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition defended Trump, arguing that the president was speaking about people being disloyal to themselves rather than to Israel.

“President Trump is right, it shows a great deal of disloyalty to oneself to defend a party that protects/emboldens people that hate you for your religion,” the group said in a tweet. “The @GOP, when rarely confronted w/anti-Semitism of elected members always acts swiftly and decisively to punish and remove.”

According to Business Insider, “the former president and his Republican allies have frequently accused Democrats who are critical of the Israeli government of anti-Semitism” and that “Trump supporters have frequently exhibited anti-Semitic sentiments.”

Continuing its attack on the former president, the site added:

“Among the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6 was a man wearing a ‘Camp Auschwitz’ t-shirt. An array of neo-Nazis and white supremacists participated in the deadly insurrection, which Trump provoked with lies about the 2020 election.”

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There has been no proof that Robert Keith Packer, the anarchist identified as the man who wore the t-shirt, was a Trump supporter.

What the article neglected to mention, however, was the profound anti-Semitism and claims of dual loyalty among American Jews promoted by prominent Democrat lawmakers and supporters, including Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and others, all of whom are tolerated by the party.