US poised to give Ukraine long-range missiles capable of striking deep in Russian territory – report

White House expected to approve transfer of Army Tactical Missile System to Ukraine – after President Biden had previously feared its use could lead to major escalation.

By World Israel News Staff

The Biden administration is poised to transfer advanced, long-range missile systems to the Ukrainian military, in a step the White House has hitherto refrained from taking, amid fears it could lead to a major escalation in the ongoing war between Kyiv and Moscow.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the White House is now close to granting approval for a request to transfer the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) to Ukraine.

The ATACMS has a range of approximately 190 miles, and would enable Ukraine’s military to strike deep into Russian territory.

President Biden previously declined to approve the transfer, fearing the missile system’s use could prompt Russian President Vladimir Putin to expand the scope of the war further.

With Russia using Iranian-made suicide drones for attacks on Ukraine, however, and the recent abortive coup attempt by the mercenary Wagner Group in Russia last week, the Biden administration is now reportedly interested in further upgrades to Ukraine’s military capabilities – including transfer of the ATACMS.

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The Journal report cited multiple Ukrainian defense officials who said the signals coming out of the U.S. have changed in recent weeks, indicating Kyiv is likely to receive the missile systems.

Such weapons would bolster President Volodymyr Zelensky’s bid to recapture the Crimea, annexed by Russia after the 2014 war with Ukraine.

The U.S. has pushed back against the report, however, with Pentagon officials tell Reuters they are “not aware of any imminent decisions as it relates to ATACMs.”