Video surfaces of activists vandalizing EU office in Israel

The mother of a terror victim was identified as one of the Israeli activists who painted “German money kill[s] Jews” on the European Union office’s door.

By World Israel News Staff

Meirav Hajaj lost her daughter during a terror attack that killed four soldiers in the summer of 2017. Sheffi Paz is an activist who supports expelling illegal infiltrators from south Tel Aviv.  Together they released a video showing their recent protest at the European Union office in Tel Aviv, where they spray-painted these messages on the entrance: “EU – Get out” and “German money kill[s] Jews.”

In the video, Paz reads a statement directed to the EU,  “Stop funding terrorists who murder Jews. Stop funding illegal immigration. Get out of Israel.”

Hajaj is seen hanging a sign to the wall, which reads, “Stop paying the killers of our children,” as well as putting up what appears to be a picture of her daughter.

“You used your money to pay for the murder of Jews. You defend terrorists,” Hajaj adds.

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On Sunday, employees of the European Union Delegation to Israel discovered the red graffiti bearing these two women’s blunt message.

Their mention of Germany may have been a reference to data in a May report in the German publication Bild based on “leaked documents containing funding contracts and internal reports” related to the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

These documents, “reveal[edl that German taxpayer money is channeled to groups with ties to terror groups, that spread anti-Semitism, and that promote BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel” announced NGO Monitor in a statement following the Bild report.

In 2018, GIZ staff was investigated for anti-Semitic activity, including social media posts by staff working in Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories. These posts also justified Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians and endorsed the BDS movement, which seeks Israel’s destruction.

A portion of the anti-Semitic content was disseminated by GIZ officials who direct German funding to Palestinian organizations.