Washington threatens to walk away from Iran talks

State Department spokesperson says U.S. would quit nuclear negotiations in Vienna if Iran displays intransigence, Reuters reports.

By World Israel News Staff

State Department spokesperson Ned Price said America is prepared to leave the Vienna talks if Iran continues to show a lack of compliance.

“We are prepared to walk away if Iran displays an intransigence to making progress,” Ned Price said at a press briefing, Reuters reported.

He stressed that the U.S. and its allies will look for “alternatives” if the Islamic Republic is “unwilling to engage in good faith,” the report said.

Price gave no further details or suggestions on what alternatives there may be.

The talks were aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, from which former president Donald Trump walked away in 2018.

Last May, Elliot Chodoff, and military and political analyst specializing in the Middle East, led an Honest Reporting tour to the north during which he discussed American policy regarding Iran.

Chodoff noted what he described as Washington’s “fundamental error” regarding the nuclear negotiations, indicating that the Biden administration appeared too eager to close a deal.

“Somewhere along the way, the negotiations went from the objective of stopping the Iranian nuclear weapons program to coming to an agreement. In other words, part of the objective of the seller is convincing the buyer that he wants an agreement…

“The minute you transmit that you’re not willing to walk away, the price is going to go up and terms are going to go against you. And that’s what happened.”

According to Chodoff, the Iranians were “playing it perfectly correctly. They’re raising the ante. They’re raising tensions, and now they can be ‘moderate’ and go back to where they were,” before the Trump administration withdrew from the deal.