Waze launches new apps for motorcycles, carpool lanes  

The Israeli-made navigation and traffic GPS system has launched new setting for motorcyclists, carpool lanes and hands-free interact.

By: World Israel News Staff

Waze has never been good at leaving well enough alone.

In the beginning, the Israeli startup helped drivers find the best routes, avoid traffic and estimate time of arrival. About two years ago Waze added a ‘Taxi’ vehicle type of app to better serve professional drivers, enabling them to access roads otherwise restricted.  The company has now introduced three new features for motorcycles, carpool lanes and hands-free interact. The driver simply has to say, “OK Waze.”

Motorcyclists will now have Waze access routes offering lower drive times.  Motorcycles are known for their mobility that comes from their small size and agility, especially in built-up urban centers.  The new app takes it all into account.

The new carpool lane app identifies vehicles with a special permit while offering travel times and directions for high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

Waze was first developed and popularized by Waze Mobile, an Israeli startup company.  Waze Mobile was acquired in 2013 by Google.