Young sisters vanish without a trace during visit to Israel, kidnapping by mother suspected

The girls’ father raised the alarm after receiving unsettling messages from the older sister.

By World Israel News Staff

Two Israeli-American sisters, aged 12 and 8, have suddenly gone missing after a brief visit to Gedera, Israel, to see their mother and grandmother, leading to suspicions of a family-related kidnapping.

The girls’ father, Ofer, who holds dual Israeli and U.S. citizenship, raised the alarm after receiving unsettling messages from the older sister, Sarah, the Maariv newspaper reported.

Ofer arrived in Israel with the intent to bring his daughters back home to the U.S. before discovering that the girls had vanished. He immediately reported the matter to the Israel Police.

Adding layers to the unfolding mystery, contact numbers for both the girls and their mother have been abruptly deactivated. The grandmother, reached for comment, mentioned being on a vacation in Tiberias and expressed ignorance regarding the girls’ location.

Legal documents from a Pennsylvania court stipulate that the sisters’ trip to Israel was granted under strict guidelines. Any deviations from this approved arrangement would classify as kidnapping. Authorities are urgently pursuing leads in an effort to locate the young girls.

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