Biden’s arms embargo betrays Israel and America

The ironclad commitment was conditioned on Israel endlessly allowing itself to be attacked.

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine

“My commitment to the safety of the Jewish people, the security of Israel, and its right to exist as an independent Jewish state is ironclad, even when we disagree,” Biden falsely claimed in a speech at the Holocaust Museum.

That was right before he slapped an arms embargo on the Jewish State.

The ironclad commitment turned out to be a knife in the back. The commitment was as good as the one that Biden had made to rescue Americans from Afghanistan and to bring all our soldiers home.

Biden had leveraged aid to Israel to extract an aid package for Ukraine even while he knew that he not only never intended to provide that aid to Israel, but that he was going to block pre-existing military supplies that Congress had already approved in the past.

What was behind the timing of Biden’s announcement to CNN that he was embargoing arms to Israel?

“The White House National Security Council sought to keep the decision out of the public eye for several days until it had a better understanding of the scope of Israel’s intensified military operations in Rafah and until Biden could deliver a long-planned speech on Tuesday to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.”

Biden wanted to cash in on the applause of American Jews by delivering a passionate pro-Israel speech right before giving the Hamas supporters in Dearborn and the Marxist campus rioters what they wanted.

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Administration officials rushed to explain that the arms embargo only applied to offensive weapons, not defensive ones.

Biden would go on helping Israel shoot down missiles but would block weapons that might be used to finish off Hamas in Rafah, particularly bombs.

The ironclad commitment was conditioned on Israel endlessly allowing itself to be attacked while playing defense.

Some may accuse Biden of antisemitism, but to be fair to the senile old crook, this is the same deal that the US Navy got in Yemen and that American soldiers got in Afghanistan.

It’s not that Biden hates Jews, it’s that he loves or lives in fear of Islamic terrorist supporters and their leftist allies.

Biden didn’t just betray Israel, he betrayed America.

The message has once again gone out to our allies that we cannot be trusted and we will not stand behind them.

Biden didn’t just betray the promises he made after Oct 7, he betrayed the promise he made days before.

If the president’s “ironclad commitment” is worthless when it comes to Israel, what’s it worth to Taiwan, Europe, and the rest of the world?


Biden has decided to save Hamas, which props up Iran and allows it to continue to expand across the region.

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And Iran isn’t just coming after Israel. Its motto was “Death to America”.

And anyone who thinks the Houthis controlling who can pass near Yemen is purely about Israel will quickly find out that it’s about Iran.

American shipping will be blocked. Islamic terrorism will increase as Jihadis see evidence that even in the face of the worst atrocities, western resolve to stand up to Islamic terrorism will eventually crumble.

There will be a price and it will be a high one.

Israel has been isolated. Its government is weak. Nevertheless, its soldiers carry our hopes, the way that American soldiers did after 9/11 and the way that British and French soldiers did in 1939, for the triumph of good over evil, freedom over slavery, and human civilization over an ideology so dread that it will plunge the world into a darkness that may not be lifted for thousands of years.