2 killed, 3 wounded in mafia hit, police shoot-out

Suspect opens fire on police after deadly car-bombing and high-speed chase, capping off chaotic evening in Israel’s organized crime world.

By World Israel News Staff

Two Israelis were killed and three others were injured, with at least one teenager listed as being in critical condition, following an underworld car bombing and subsequent police chase.

On Sunday evening, members of the Jerushi crime family hurled an explosive device at a rival’s car near the city of Kiryat Malachi in southern Israel.

Two men, who are believed to be associated with the rival Karaja crime family, were pulled out of the burning vehicle and transported to the hospital. One of the victims, age 37, was immediately declared dead, while the other man is in moderate condition and expected to recover.

Police, who had already been tailing the criminals in question, attempted to pull over the vehicle belonging to the perpetrators.

The car refused to stop, sparking a high-speed chase which culminated with the police opening fire at the vehicle near the Masmia Junction.

Two of the occupants of that vehicle were struck, with one dying at the scene. The other, who was identified as a 33-year-old man from the central city of Ramle by Hebrew-language media, is currently hospitalized.

Several hours after the car bombing and police chase, security forces converged upon the Juarish neighborhood in Ramle, where both the Jerushi and Karaja crime families are based.

Special units entered the area in order to stymie potential revenge attacks following the incidents, but a suspect began opening fire at one of the officers.

According to a police statement, officers returned fire and struck the perpetrator.

Hebrew-language media reports indicated that suspect struck by police fire was a 16-year-old boy.

The boy was transported to a nearby hospital and is currently fighting for his life.

Sunday’s incidents come on the heels of a massive uptick in organized crime and murder within Israel’s Arab community.