After terror attack, Ma’ale Adumim cancels all Palestinian work permits

Palestinian construction employees were sent home and sites were shuttered until further notice. 

By World Israel News Staff

Palestinians with work permits in Ma’ale Adumim have been suspended indefinitely following a shooting attack in the city on Tuesday by a terrorist who was authorized to be there.

The terrorist, who was identified by Palestinian media as Mohannad Muhammad Suleiman al-Mazra’a, carried out a shooting spree in Ma’ale Adumim with an M16 rifle, wounding six Israelis before being fatally shot by a Border Police officer.

“The terrorist is a Palestinian who is here with a work permit,” Benny Kashriel, mayor of Ma’ale Adumim, told Channel 14: “He has been working in cleaning for several years. We are checking with the police as to how he obtained the weapon.”

Construction sites in the city, which lies seven kilometers (4.3 miles) east of Jerusalem, employing Palestinian workers have been emptied and shuttered until further notice and all Palestinians sent back home, as per directives from the city’s deputy mayor, Guy Yifrach.

The Shin Bet did not provide any clarification as to why Mazarah eluded their protocol for identifying potential terrorists.

The Jerusalem Post cited reports from April last year that indicated that approximately 120,000 Palestinians had secured work permits for employment within Israel, with around 92,000 of these individuals having confirmed job placements.

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