Arab Knesset member blasts Israel at UN, pushes to erase Jewish state

Ahmed Tibi of the Arab Joint List slams UN event marking 70 years since historic vote in favor of establishing Jewish state, pushes for ‘one-state solution.’

By: World Israel News Staff

Ahmed Tibi has been a Member of Knesset (MK) since 1999 and is currently one of the 10 deputy speakers of the democratic body. However, he rarely misses an opportunity to attack the state in whose parliament he serves, and, as reported by Ynet, he did it again, this time in an international setting.

November 29th is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, as established by the United Nations in 1977. This date was chosen because it was when the UN, in 1947, adopted the Partition Plan that led to the establishment of the State of Israel.

Tibi was one of the main speakers at this year’s UN convention Wednesday night, and he panned the concurrent 70th anniversary celebration of the Partition Plan vote held at the Queens Museum of New York, which served as UN headquarters in 1947. US Vice President Mike Pence delivered the keynote address, and dozens of Jewish community leaders and ambassadors participated in the event, including representatives of the 33 countries that voted in favor of establishing the Jewish state seven decades ago.

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Tibi slammed the UN celebration of the historic vote, claiming that Israel denies a state to the Palestinians and discriminates against them. “Instead of working for equality, peace and acceptance of the other, the Israeli government promotes the Nationality Bill that speaks of self-determination only for Jews and establishes communities without Arabs,” he alleged, according to Ynet.

“We have recently heard proposals by the US for mediation in a peace agreement, but we cannot accept a solution that does not include a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Israel seems to have succeeded in thwarting the two-state solution, and therefore there is no choice but to discuss the outline of one state with civil equality for all,” he added, pushing for the liquidation of the Jewish state.

“It is a disgrace that a Knesset member defames Israel at the UN and goes against the celebrations for its establishment,” Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon stated, Ynet reported.

“Attempts by anti-Israeli elements to exploit the UN platform to harm us will not help,” he declared, adding that at Wednesday night’s celebration, “we again proved the great support we receive from our many friends around the world, with US Vice President Mike Pence and dozens of ambassadors coming to celebrate with us.”