Ben-Gvir: ‘Brave citizen’ who shot Tel Aviv terrorist proves more Israelis needs guns

“There were so many miracles here. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I wouldn’t have been there.”

By World Israel News Staff

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir on Tuesday said that a terror attack in Tel Aviv underscored his stance for broader gun ownership among Israelis after a civilian fatally shot the terrorist who had injured seven people in a violent stabbing and vehicular ramming spree.

Speaking to the civilian who shot the terrorist, Ben-Gvir said: “I wish to commend you; your actions in saving lives mark you as a true hero. It’s crucial to recognize the importance of armed citizens in safeguarding others. I value you, and I appreciate every citizen who steps in to rescue others.

“I’m going to give you public backing, so there won’t be any misunderstanding here, I’m going to tell everyone that no one was confused on the issue. You are being strengthened,” the minister added.

The civilian responded: “There were so many miracles here. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I wouldn’t have been there.”

“I saw him take out a huge knife and stab a person next to his (car) door and I thought at first it was a case of road rage, but then I saw him run towards someone else and I knew it was a terrorist,” he went on.

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“I prayed to God that the bullet would fire because I knew that if not I was a dead man.”

Later on Twitter, he wrote: “I call on the public who meet the criteria: carry guns.”

Ben-Gvir has called for modifying Israel’s strict gun licensing laws and to expand the list of those eligible to receive a firearm to include any veteran of combat service.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also praised the citizen for neutralizing the terrorist.

“Today a criminal attack took place in Tel Aviv that was stopped due to the intervention of an armed citizen. Without this intervention, it is possible that this attack would have claimed many lives,” he said.

“Whoever thinks that such an attack will deter us from continuing our fight against terrorism is wrong. He simply does not know the spirit of the State of Israel, does not know our government, our citizens and our soldiers,” he added.