British Labour member suspended for call to ‘march’ on synagogue

A top UK Jewish group is urging Labour to “look itself in the mirror.”

By Algemeiner Staff

A top British Jewish group has called out the local Labour branch in the city of Brighton and Hove over a string of recent incidents involving members of the party, which has been wracked by anti-Semitism scandals since far-left MP Jeremy Corbyn became its leader in 2015.

Board of Deputies of British Jews Vice President Amanda Bowman said in a statement on Tuesday, “We stand in solidarity with the Jewish community in Brighton and Hove in light of the series of disturbing revelations about the Brighton and Hove Labour Party.

“In recent days it has been revealed that council candidate Alex Braithwaite was suspended for a series of horrendous social media posts including Rothschild conspiracy theories and another local member, Amanda Bishop, called, in a chilling echo of the far right, for all local Labour members to march on Hove Synagogue,” Bowman continued.

“Labour needs to look itself in the mirror and ask itself about how this culture has grown up,” Bowman declared. “Bigots like Amanda Bishop need to know that people who seek to threaten, bully, or abuse our community will fail. Where prejudice shows its face, the Jewish community, whether at a national level or through our brave grassroots activists, will never be silenced.”