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Arab League

OPINION: Why Palestinians owe Arabs an apology

'They [the Palestinians] were trampling on the pictures of our leaders. But we have not seen them trampling on the pictures of Abbas,' noted an Emirati on Twitter.
November 26, 2020
Merkel Erdogan

Opinion: Erdoğan as Merkel’s protégé

The level of cooperation in arms trade has also been significant in recent years. Ankara is now the number one importer of German arms in the world.
November 18, 2020
Election result protest

Caroline Glick: Where America now stands

Whoever the next U.S. president is, one thing is already clear: Thanks to the Democrats and the media, America's democratic order is in crisis. By Caroline Glick, Israel Hayom via JNS On Wednesday, suppor...
November 8, 2020
Joe Biden

Analysis: Summarizing Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s campaign performance and his career in almost a half-century in government make it pretty simple to summarize Biden, his beliefs and what he’d do if he is elected tomorrow.
November 2, 2020
Iranian missile

Opinion: A New Nuclear Deal with Iran?

Given the seriousness of these issues and the lack of trust in the mullahs, all provisions must not have 'sunset clauses' but be permanent.
October 29, 2020