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Biden Sanchez Trudeau

Canada’s Liberal Party follows US Democrats – opinion

The Liberals’ cold-blooded pragmatism and their lack of any serious concern for ‘Jewish issues’ should be extremely troubling not just to Canadian Jews, but to all Canadians who believe in a balanced, fact-based approach to Middle East issues. 
June 30, 2021
Bennett new prime minister

Israel: New government, new threats – analysis

The new government both faces and invites new challenges and threats from Hamas, from Iran and from Washington. If he follows through on them, Lapid’s policies will guarantee that his government will fail to meet them.
June 21, 2021
Floyd protesters

Opinion: America is playing with fire

'The first thing every totalitarian regime does, along with confiscation and mutilation of reality, is confiscation of history and confiscation of culture. I think they all happen almost simultaneously.'
May 31, 2021
Jerusalem violence

Caroline Glick: A powder keg, courtesy of Washington

Israel’s ruling class refuses to see the effect the U.S. administration is having on the Middle East—from the Taliban in Afghanistan to Syria to surging Palestinian violence against Israelis.
May 9, 2021
IDF Generals

Opinion: When generals stray into politics

One of the most perplexing bastions of this disproven — but, somehow, never discarded — dogma is an organization named Commanders for Israel’s Security (CIS).
May 6, 2021
Antony Blinken

Analysis: Blinken is wrong on Israel’s demography

The unique growth in Israel’s Jewish fertility rate is attributed to optimism, patriotism, attachment to Jewish roots, communal solidarity, frontier mentality and a declining number of abortions.
April 15, 2021
Joe Biden

Opinion: Biden edges away from Israel

Biden is reversing all of the progress Trump made in the Middle East and reverting to Obama’s opposition to Israeli security and independence.
April 7, 2021