Gal Gadot screens barbaric Hamas atrocities in Hollywood, clashes break out

Clashes break out between pro-Israel and pro-Hamas demonstrators in Los Angeles as footage of Hamas atrocities screened.

By Susan Tawil, World Israel News

Israeli actress Gal Gadot screened footage of Hamas atrocities from the October 7th invasion to hundreds of her Hollywood colleagues this week, sparking clashes between pro-Israel and pro-Hamas demonstrators.

The former Miss Israel has been an outspoken advocate for her homeland, using social media to influence her over 100 million followers to support Israel.

Since the October terrorist attack in which Gaza terrorsits slaughtered over 1,400 of her countrymen, Gadot has been pleading online for the release of the more than 240 hostages kidnapped by Hamas.

Aware of the upsurge in anti-Zionist propaganda and misinformation surrounding Israel’s counter-terror campaign in Gaza, the Wonder Woman star is fighting back.

Gadot organized the screening of a video exposing the Hamas massacre to prominent Hollywood personalities in Los Angeles and New York.

The graphic 47 minute video documents the atrocities of the surprise attack on Israeli civilians on October 7. The film was compiled by the Israel Defense Force (IDF) from security footage, jihadist body-cam evidence, and boastful Muslim social media postings.

It was shown recently by the Israeli government to select groups of journalists, as well as to members of Knesset (Israeli Parliament).

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So brutal and visceral were the images, that several MKs couldn’t manage to sit through the screening, with one politician reportedly fainting.

Many of those who viewed the violence needed sedatives for days to cope with trauma from the violence they watched.

On Wednesday the video, titled “Bearing Witness to the October 7th Massacre,” was shown in Los Angeles, with 200 in attendance.

During the screening, demonstrators, both pro- and anti-Israel, gathered outside the building, and fighting broke out between the two sides.

Members of the large police force present at the event broke up the altercation.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass denounced the clash on social media, condemning the “unacceptable violence” triggered by “current worldwide tension,” and asking Angelenos to “stand together.”

Ironically, the venue for the video screening was the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance.