IDF troops targeted in botched ramming, shooting attack

The attackers first tried to ram the IDF soldiers and then shoot them.

By World Israel News Staff

Palestinian terrorists attempted a car-ramming and shooting attack at IDF troops on Sunday. The attack took place at an IDF post adjacent to the village of Ya’bad, west of the city of Jenin Jenin.

The terrorists didn’t succeed in their attack and one of the assailants dropped his weapon at the scene.

IDF soldiers are searching the area for the two suspects. No IDF injuries were reported.

Two vehicles were standing at a routine IDF security crossing adjacent to the village of Ya’bad.

After the first vehicle completed inspection and continued driving, two assailants in the second vehicle accelerated toward the IDF troops at the crossing in an attempt to run them over. An IDF soldier was hit by the assailants’ vehicle, but did not need to be evacuated for medical treatment.

One of the assailants dropped his weapon from the vehicle after attempting to shoot at the IDF troops. The weapon, a “Carlo” submachine gun, was seized by IDF troops.

IDF troops have set up security checks in the area, and are pursuing the vehicle and the assailants.’


Carlo-style submachine gun dropped in the attack. (IDF)

The attack follows one on Jan. 5 when a terrorist attempted an attack with a meat cleaver at the Gush Etzion Junction near Jerusalem and southwest of Bethlehem. The attacker was killed by security forces, the IDF reports.

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An 30-year-old Israeli woman was seriously injured in a rock-throwing attack on Jan. 3.

On Dec. 16, a pregnant woman was wounded in a stoning attack on Route 60 in the Binyamin Region in Samaria.

Kan News reported Saturday that Dec. 2020 was the most violent month for nationalist crime since 2017 with overall statistics showing terrorism did not take a break during the coronavirus pandemic.