In first, precious stones unearthed in Israel, fulfilling biblical prophecy

A family-owned mining company discovered the gems after hearing the Lubavitcher rebbe suggest that gems were buried in Haifa.

By World Israel News Staff

In what is being hailed as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy, an Israeli mining company has been recognized by the Israeli government for its unprecedented discovery of precious gems in Israel.

The precious stones unearthed unearthed by the family-owned Holy Gems company, which include sapphires, rubies, and even diamonds, align with a verse from the book of Isaiah: “… I will lay your foundations with sapphires and I will make your windows of jasper and your gates of carbuncle stones, and all your border of precious stones” (Isaiah 54:11-12).

Reflecting on the find, Holy Gems CEO Tali Shalem-Taub told Fox News, “It is a promise of God to Israel. Why nobody ever tried to find them before, I don’t know, but it’s true.”

After obtaining authorization to market the gems extracted near Haifa, the Taub family launched Holy Gems. Their facility in the ancient city of Acre is open for visitors, where gems are separated from the soil.

Notably, the Carmel Sapphire, containing a mineral believed to be extraterrestrial in origin, was identified. It was selected as the International Mineralogical Association’s 2018 mineral of the year. Highlighting the gem’s significance, Shalem-Taub mentioned, “The scientists actually said that it was like a scientific proof of the uniqueness of the land itself.”

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Chanan Taub, Shalem-Taub’s grandfather, inaugurated one of Israel’s pioneer diamond polishing factories after fleeing Europe during Hitler’s regime. The business saw a shift into jewelry under Avraham “Avi” Taub, Shalem-Taub’s father. A turning point came after an interaction with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, in 1988, who hinted at the presence of the prophesized gems to the mayor of Haifa in a recorded conversation. Despite skepticism from experts, Taub, driven by faith, embarked on the exploratory mission.

Despite facing numerous challenges, the Taub family’s tenacity led to the creation of Holy Gems. Reflecting on the journey and her late father’s dream, Shalem-Taub said, “For me, it connects me to him.”