Iran unveils new ‘suicide drone’

Despite signing the nuclear deal last year and despite UN sanctions that prohibit weapons testing, Iran has been building up its military and has now developed a drone that can be crashed into an enemy target.

Iran on Wednesday unveiled its new “suicide drones,” which can be used against a variety of aerial, maritime and ground targets.

The domestically produced drone was first exposed during the “Mohammad Rasul Allah” mass military maneuvers conducted by Iran in December 2014.

At the time, Iranian Ground Forces Commander Ahmad-Reza Purdastan described the aircraft as “a mobile bomb.”

The drone, with a 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) and a flight time of four hours, cannot be used against Israel, although the Iranians are reportedly working on expanding its range.

The drone can be fitted with explosives or equipped with advanced military-grade cameras that enable day-time and night-time espionage missions.

Iran has already developed several types of suicide drones.

The Iranian website Tasnim, which is affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), explained that suicide drone operations are effective even though the drone is lost because they inflict heavy losses on the enemy by targeting advanced platforms such as aircraft carriers, warships, jets and helicopters.

Iran’s military industry in recent years has made much progress in manufacturing a broad range of military hardware, making its army somewhat self-sufficient in the arms sphere.

Despite the implementation of the nuclear deal signed a year ago, Iran has proceeded with its military build-up, and has conducted several weapons tests, in blatant violation of UN sanctions.

This latest unveiling comes at a time when US forces in the Middle East have had several clashes with Iranian forces.

By: World Israel News Staff