Israel pounds Hamas, targets senior terrorist commanders

The impact is being felt by Hamas as it has been reported that the terror group requested a ceasefire a few days ago.

By World Israel News Staff

On Wednesday morning, IDF fighter jets struck a military compound of the Hamas terror organization’s Technological Department in the area of Jabalia.

It was one of hundreds of terror targets hit by the IDF since the start of operation “Guardian of the Walls” 10 days ago. The impact is being felt by Hamas as it has been reported that the terror group requested a ceasefire a few days ago.

Hamas started the fighting when it attacked Israel’s capital with rockets on Jerusalem Day.

Israel appears less interested in a halt to hostilities as it is following a pre-scripted military plan to “set Hamas back years,” as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured would be the case on Tuesday, after receiving a briefing by the Israeli military on its accomplishments thus far.

The IDF was active overnight Wednesday, as promised by IDF spokesman Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman, who announced Tuesday that the military was preparing a “powerful night that would open new demarcation borders and an attack on the Metro.”

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At 3:45 a.m. the IDF made good on its promise and attacked the “Metro” – Hamas’ extensive underground tunnel network – in Khan Younis and Gaza City. In the operation, 60 fighter jets took part dropping 110 munitions and hitting 15 kilometers of the tunnels, meant to protect terrorists during attacks.

Israel says it has targeted 100 kilometers of “the metro” since the start of operations.

Israel has also targeted senior commanders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The IDF reported on Tuesday that it struck command and control centers located in the residences of 12 senior Hamas commanders in the Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours.

Israel announced Wednesday that it has targeted Mohammed Deif, Hamas’ most senior military commander, but without success. Zilberman said, “Throughout the operation we have tried to assassinate Mohammed Deif. We’ve tried to kill him several times.”

On Sunday, Israel destroyed the home of Hamas’ most senior leader, Yahya Sinwar.

Hamas leaders have reportedly transferred their families to Egypt to keep them out of harm’s way.