Israeli president warns Germans: Iran could ‘sink whole region into war’

Rivlin warned Merkel that Iran was leading the “subversion” of Muslim youth across the Middle East, threatening Israel and the entire region’s stability in the process.

President Reuven Rivlin concluded a state visit to Germany Thursday, thanking Chancellor Angela Merkel for her country’s commitment to Israel’s security but also calling on Germany to take concrete steps to counter the growing Iranian threat in the Middle East.

The President noted that Iran was leading the “subversion” of Shi’ite youth in Syria and across the Middle East, threatening not only Israel, but the stability of the entire region.

Iran could “sink the whole region into war,” Rivlin said.

Hours after Israeli Air Force jets reportedly attacked a chemical weapons factory in Syria, Rivlin also spoke about Hezbollah’s activities in south Lebanon, backed by Iran, which, he said, endangered the local population and violated UN Security Council resolutions. He also said Israel could be forced to respond to the terror group’s infrastructure buildup.

Rivlin and Merkel also discussed the ongoing civil war in Syria, including Israel’s efforts to treat Syrian fighters and civilians wounded in the fighting, including global Islamic terrorism and the global threat of ISIS.

“The goal that has been set by the world to overcome it is important and correct,” Rivlin said. “Israel will help in any efforts to realize this goal.”

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Rivlin also said that Israel and Germany share a wealth of common goals and cooperate “in every field according to the common needs of both countries.