Israeli security forces prevent two Palestinian terror attacks

Israeli security forces prevented two Palestinian terror attacks on Monday in Samaria and Jerusalem.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Israeli security forces thwarted two Palestinian stabbing attacks on Monday.

In the first incident, Border Policemen apprehended a knife-wielding Palestinian at a central junction in Samaria.

Police noticed a suspicious-looking Palestinian approach the Tapuah Junction checkpoint and called on him to stop. He failed to heed their call and was arrested.

A search on his body revealed a knife, and he is suspected of having intended to carry out an attack on security personnel located at the spot.

The unit commander, Superintendent Ofir Dahari, praised his soldiers’ swift response. “The soldiers’ professionalism and quick response were key in bringing this incident to an end in this fashion and with no injuries to our forces.”

The suspect is a 26-year-old resident of Jenin.

The Tapuach Junction has been the site of several recent terror attacks.

In a second incident, police arrested two Palestinian teens, aged 15, at Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The two acted suspiciously and after policed detained them, were found to be carrying knives. Both were arrested and taken for further questioning.

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A police commander commended his officers’ “professional action, which may have prevented a terror attack and the harming of innocents.” He vowed to proceed with “determination and professionalism” to guard the public’s safety.

Police previously successfully thwarted a similar terror attack last Wednesday when they arrested two knife-wielding Palestinians teens, ages 12 and 13, in the center of Jerusalem.

During the three and a half months of Palestinian violence, teens have participated in several terror attacks, some of them deadly.

These incidents were the latest in a long series of almost-daily Palestinian terror attacks – some more than once a day – that have plagued Israelis, claiming the lives of 26 victims and wounding over 280.