Miracle? Car flips over in terror attack near Huwara, pregnant woman survives

“I beg you, go now to demonstrate and to protect our lives,” the victim’s husband wrote in an appeal to fellow Jews, saying “stories like this repeat themselves daily.”

By World Israel News Staff

A pregnant woman whose car flipped over during a terror attack in Samaria Thursday night survived with mere bruises and scratches, Israel National News reported.

The attack occurred close to midnight in Samaria, not far from the notorious Palestinian town of Huwara, the scene of other recent attacks causing death and/or severe injuries.

While driving, the woman, a resident of Yitzhar, a Jewish community in Samaria, noticed suspicious movement at the side of the road before being hit by rocks, INN reported. She lost control of the vehicle, which then overturned.

The victim, in an advanced stage of pregnancy, was evacuated to the hospital.

“This story could have ended completely differently! We have been in the emergency room the entire night, and in the meantime, there is no expectation that they will release us. My pregnant wife is undergoing a series of examinations, both for her and the fetus.

“As of now it seems that my wife received a few bruises and other than that she is physically fine, thank G-d. But emotionally it will take her a long time to recover,” her husband wrote Friday morning in the community WhatsApp group.

“Understand, this is the reality of our daily lives here in Samaria,” he added.

“Thousands of rocks are hurled every single hour, every day, and stories like this repeat themselves daily. Please, share this story, so that every Jew knows what is happening here in the Land of Israel, right under their noses. Friends, this really could have ended differently. I ask you, I beg you, go now to demonstrate and to protect our lives.”

IDF forces are searching for the terrorists, the report said.