Terrorists who murdered 4 in Tel Aviv sent to life in prison

The three terrorists responsible for the deadly shooting at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market last year were sentenced to life in prison.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

The Tel Aviv District court on Wednesday sentenced each of the three Palestinian terrorists who plotted and carried out the murder of four Israelis at Tel Aviv’s popular Sarona Market in June of 2016 to life in prison. They were convicted of four counts of murder last month.

The terrorists were also convicted of 41 counts of attempted murder, for which they received another 60 years in prison and were each ordered to pay  NIS 258,000 in damages to each of the victims’ families. They were also ordered to pay NIS 200,000 to four of those wounded in the attack.

Their homes were demolished by the IDF earlier this year.

The Judge noted in his ruling the severity of the cruelty displayed during the attack.

The husband of the one of the victims was removed from the courtroom during the proceedings after he attempted to assault the three convicts.

Two of the terrorists, first cousins Khaled Mahamrah and Mahmoud Mahamrah, carried out the actual shootings. They aimed at Israelis sitting in a restaurant, murdering Ido Ben Aryeh, 42, Ilana Nave, 39, Dr. Michael Fayge, 58, and Mila Mishayev, 32, as well as wounding 17 others.

The third member of the terror cell, Yunis Aish Musa Zin, helped to supply them with weapons, including the Carl Gustav submachine gun used during the attack. All three come from the Palestinian town of Yatta, near Hebron.

Zin had originally planned to take part in the attack, but the Mahamrah cousins told him he couldn’t because he was in debt and Islam forbade martyrdom in such a case.

The three admitted that their actions were inspired by the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization.