Israeli forces demolish homes of 2 terrorists

Fighting its relentless war on Palestinian terrorism, IDF forces destroyed the homes of two Palestinian murderers.

Israeli forces early Thursday morning demolished the homes of two Palestinian terrorists who committed a terror attack in the upscale Sarona market in Tel Aviv in June, murdering four Israelis.

Acting in accordance with government directives, according to an IDF statement, the Israeli military destroyed the homes of Mohammed Ahmad Mussa Aid Mahamra in the Palestinian village of Hirbet Raka and Khaled Ahmad Mussa Aid Mahamra in the town on Yatta – both situated in the Hebron area.

On June 8, the two terrorists shot at Israelis sitting in a restaurant, murdering Ido Ben Aryeh, 42, Ilana Nave, 39, Dr. Michael Fayge, 58, and Mila Mishayev, 32, as well as wounding 17 others.

One of the terrorists was injured by responding security forces, while the second was caught unharmed.

Both terrorists, 21-year-old cousins, are standing trial. They admitted that their actions were inspired by the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization.

The demolition of terrorists’ homes are meant to serve as deterrence to potential terrorists who are plotting future attacks. It is part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to contend with the recent wave of Palestinian terror attacks, which has claimed the lives of 39 victims in the past 10 months.

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By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News