Arab students, daycare workers mock Israelis over deadly terror attacks – report

Two Israeli colleges and a daycare center in the heart of the country are reportedly expelling students and firing workers who were found to be celebrating the Jerusalem synagogue massacre.

By World Israel News Staff

Arab students at two Israeli colleges and daycare workers in a major city are under investigation after celebrating the terrorist murder of seven innocent civilians in Jerusalem over the weekend.

The Arabic Research Division of the Im Tirtzu Movement, a Zionist NGO, has revealed serious incitement by students at Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem.

A social work student named Onad posted a status on WhatsApp in which she wrote: “The 21-year-old heroic martyr from East Jerusalem, he brought our revenge,” the NGO said in a press release Sunday.

A biotechnology student, Ahmad Kalouti, uploaded a WhatsApp status in which he quoted a verse from the Koran: “Allah will abuse them and defeat them,” the NGO said.

Kalouti added, “We let them drink from the same cup they let us drink from, only we are more steadfast.”

The President of Hadassah College, Professor Bertold Fridlender, released a letter to students, the press release continued.

“In the evening, we received information originating from the organization, Im Tirtzu, about statements in the WhatsApp status of two college students related to the murderous attack that occurred on Saturday in Neve Ya’akov [Jerusalem neighborhood]. We will not be able to put up with explicit support for a terrorist attack,” the letter read.

“Furthermore, we will not allow entry to the college for students whose conduct harms the sense of security of the faculty members and all the students at the college.”

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“Hadassah College has always been a model for joint living, and we will continue to do all that we can to make it a safe place for all groups and populations on campus,” Fridlender stated.

“We call on the administration of Hadassah College to immediately remove the students who published the praise of the murderers… before they carry out an attack on their classmates,” said Shai Rosengarten, head of Im Tirtzu’s education department.

In a separate incident, an Arab-Israeli student at Ono Academic College in Kiryat Ono, a Tel Aviv suburb, mocked the Israelis on Saturday night in a social media post, Israel National News (INN) reported.

On his “status” page on WhatsApp, according to the report, the student posted a screenshot from Facebook in Arabic where someone asked, “What’s going on in Jerusalem?” and another person replied, “Someone’s working on dispatching settlers off to their G-d.”

Outraged classmates demanded the Arab student be expelled, the report said.

“We expect the administration of the College to expel him and strip him of all his rights as a student. We should never condone such things happening on campus,” they told INN.

“We’re not going to let this pass in silence. If they don’t do anything about it, we’re going to involve the police and submit a complaint accusing the student of incitement.”

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In response, INN reported, the school administration issued a statement saying: “We view incitement or support for terrorism with the greatest severity, as we do any calls for violence or mockery of its victims. The post will be investigated, and if it is found necessary, the student will be expelled.”

Also according to INN, employees at the Kochav Yam daycare center in Herzliya celebrated the attack by sharing images from a scene along with PLO flags and a ‘happy’ emoji with a victory sign.

Parents who saw the posts were alarmed and went directly to the administration.

According to the report, the administrators said the workers would no longer be employed there and that they have been summoned for a hearing.

“This is a kindergarten complex with lots of children and an unarmed guard at the entrance,” one parent noted, the report said. “Does anyone know if it is possible to request reinforcement in the form of an armed guard at the entrance? At least for the near future.”

“The Herzliya municipality takes the issue seriously and the assistants will be summoned to a hearing. We are working to terminate their employment,” the city stated.