Corbyn pushed virulently anti-Israel conspiracy on Iranian TV

Prior to his selection to lead the UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn told an Iranian TV interviewer that he thought Israel was behind an attack by Islamic jihadists in the Sinai Peninsula.

By: World Israel News Staff

An interview in Iran’s state-run media recently surfaced in which Jeremy Corbyn, who now leads the UK Labour Party, promotes a virulently anti-Israel conspiracy theory blaming the Jewish state for Islamic terror in the Sinai Peninsula.

Corbyn has been dogged as of late by accusations of anti-Semitism and demands that he root out Jew hatred from the party he leads, which is reeling from a series of controversies related both to the extreme positions its elected officials have staked out on the Jewish state and its posture toward the Jewish community in the UK.

In the clip that recently surfaced from an interview aired on Iran’s Press TV in 2012, Corbyn addresses an operation in the Sinai Peninsula in which Islamic jihadists attacked the Egyptian army, declaring, “It seems a bit unlikely that that would happen during Ramadan – to put it mildly – and I suspect the hand of Israel in this whole process of destabilization.”

Wild conspiracies regarding Israel’s responsibility for ISIS remain a popular topic in the Muslim world.

“I’m very concerned about it [the violence], and you have to look at the big picture. In whose interests is it to destabilize the new government in Egypt; in whose interests is it to kill Egyptians other than Israel,” wondered the future Labour Party chief.

In addition to invoking the baseless trope of the Israeli hand behind regional unrest, Corbyn also advocated the application of sanctions against Israel and the suspension of trade agreements with the EU.

The Iranian interview represents the latest chapter in Corbyn’s battle against anti-Semitism accusations, leveled against him personally and the party leadership in general.

While Cobyn has angered UK Jews through his participation in a secret Facebook group that trafficked in Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, in addition to past comments such as referring to members of the Hamas terrorist group as his “friends,” the party itself is also in hot water for refusing to adopt internationally accepted anti-Semitism guidelines.

Over the weekend, another Labour Party member was accused of anti-Semitism based on a post on his Facebook page claiming that Jews “drink blood.”

Prior to this revelation, a number of Jewish newspapers in the UK published a joint editorial warning that Corbyn poses an “existential” threat to British Jewry.