‘Despicable timing’: Police attacked during Memorial Day siren, suspects arrested

Arab residents of the city of Lod, which experienced pogrom-like attacks against Jews last year, carried out the violent assault as the memorial siren blared.

By World Israel News Staff

In Lod, during Israel’s commemoration Tuesday evening of its fallen IDF soldiers and victims of terror, for Arab residents carried out a violent attack against police officers, Channel 12 reported.

While the memorial siren blared and the country was at a standstill, police noticed them launching fireworks. They then attacked the officers who arrived at the scene.

Lod police said the incident occurred while the station police were carrying out increased and targeted enforcement against perpetrators of crime in the city, with an emphasis on weapons offenses, for the safety of area residents, the report said.

The suspects were arrested.

“This is a focused and determined activity that is part of the Central District’s offensive strategy against perpetrators of crime until the full severity of the law is met with them, in order to maintain public peace and security,” the police said.

In May 2021, during Israel’s Operation Guardian of the Walls in response to hundreds of rocket attacks, Lod, among other mixed Arab-Jewish cities, experienced violent antisemitic attacks and vandalism against Jewish civilians and property; one victim was killed.

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