Fearing attack, Israel coordinates with Russia on field hospital in Ukraine

Two senior Israeli officials said that Russia had been updated on the establishment of a hospital, including exact landmarks, Walla News reported.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel coordinated with Russia the establishment of a field hospital in western Ukraine, Hebrew-language Walla reported Thursday.

Two senior Israeli officials said Israel updated Russia on the details through several channels and even provided the Russians with the exact landmarks of the compound to make sure it would not be attacked.

Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Alex Ben-Zvi met last week with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Bogdanov and briefed him on the intention to bring the hospital to Ukraine for approval by the government, according to Walla.

On Monday, the government approved the establishment of the hospital and shortly afterwards a telephone conversation took place between Prime Minister Bennett and President Putin during which the issue of the hospital also came up.

The hospital will be established in western Ukraine between the city of Lviv and the border with Poland. Until recently it was a quiet area where no fighting took place, according to Walla, but last week the Russian army carried out a cruise missile attack on a training base in western Ukraine near the Polish border.

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On Monday, the Israeli mission will include more than 100 medical staff on a special flight to Poland and from there in a convoy to Ukraine.

“We have made every possible verification with the Russians at all levels,” said a senior Israeli official, quoted by Walla. “We passed on to them all the information on the subject at the level of landmarks on a map.”

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid approved the final plans for the hospital on Thursday, including evacuation plans in case of emergency.