Iran reportedly planned to assassinate a German politician

German media outlets reported that Iran was engaged in espionage activities as part of plans to assassinate pro-Israel officials in the country, including a former deputy of the Social Democratic Party. 

Iran apparently planned to assassinate members of pro-Israel organizations in Germany including a former German politician, according to German media outlets who referenced a statement on Friday released by a federal prosecutor.

This past Monday, German authorities indicted the primary suspect, Syed Mustafa H, a 31-year-old Pakistani, on espionage charges on behalf of the Iranian regime. The indictment stated that the suspect spied on Reinhold Robbe, former head of the German-Israel Friendship Society.

West German Broadcasting said that the main goal in the espionage operation was to assassinate Robbe.

The case’s importance primarily revolves around Robbe’s former role in German politics. He had served as the Social Democratic Party’s deputy in Germany’s Bundestag from 1994 to 2005 and eventually as parliamentary commissioner for the armed forces. Moreover, this is the first case in which Iran has is alleged to have the assassination of a German politician.

If convicted, Mustafa H. is expected to serve up to five years in prison.

By: World Israel News Staff