Israeli police put up 40 checkpoints across country for Independence Day curfew

Israeli police set up checkpoints across the country to prevent movement in keeping with the curfew that will be reimposed on Independence Day.

By World Israel News Staff

Ahead of the Independence Day curfew to prevent a resurgence of the coronavirus across Israel, police have increased their presence on highways and roads between cities to minimize movement from area to area.

This includes 40 checkpoints across the country. Police will check vehicles that are using the highways according to the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Health and police.

“Police are calling upon the public to keep to all the specific laws and regulations that have been decided upon and being implemented on the ground,” the Police said in a statement.

The checkpoints are par of the government’s decision to reimpose temporarily a curfew put in place on the Passover holiday to prevent intercity travel.

On Memorial Day, the government kept military cemeteries closed to prevent large gatherings but movement was generally allowed.

On Independence Day, which begins Tuesday night, tougher restrictions will go into effect. Police will prevent public gatherings. Intercity travel will be banned. Civilians will be required to stay within 100 meters of their homes (500 meters for those exercising). Shops will be closed.

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Israel’s government is more concerned about Independence Day, where people typically gather for picnics and barbecues across the country.

Parks are usually packed with families and it’s an official holiday.

Police checkpoint map

Police Checkpoints (Israeli Police Spokesman)