Pro-terror activist vacationing in Israel, promoting BDS, thanks to US visa-waiver program

Pro-Palestinian activist who said that “beautiful” Palestinian terrorists should be celebrated can no longer be denied entry to Israel because she has an American passport.

By Adina Katz, World Israel News

A prominent pro-Palestinian activist who has called for the destruction of Israel and for Zionists to be slaughtered is currently touring the Jewish State, due to the pilot phase of a potential visa waiver program between the U.S. and Israel.

Nerdeen Kiswani has been documenting her ongoing visit to Israel on social media, captioning one photo taken in the northern city of Haifa that she was currently “on stolen land” in “Occupied Palestine.”

Among public statements made by Kiswani are demands for a “globalized intifada,” a wish that “the pop-pop [of gunfire] be the last sound that Zionists hear,” encouraging activists to “free every inch of Palestine” by “any means necessary,” and praise for “beautiful Palestinian” terrorists whom she said should “be celebrated.”

In an Instagram post on Friday, Kiswani explained that although she had been denied entry to Israel in 2015 due to her vehement anti-Israel advocacy amd participation in the BDS movement, Israeli authorities were obliged to let her enter the country last week.

Under the terms of a fledging visa waiver agreement, Kiswani explained, Israeli authorities could not deny her entry to the country because she holds an American passport.

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Kiswani encouraged other American national BDS activists who were previously denied entry to Israel to try to visit the country again and to reach out to the American Embassy should they encounter challenges with Israeli customs officials.

Beyond visiting major tourist sites, including the Baha’i Gardens and Al-Aqsa Mosque, Kiswani recently traveled to Jenin, a terror hotbed in Palestinian Authority-controlled territory.

According to a report from Channel 12 News, she met there with the father of a slain member of the Lion’s Den terror group.

From Jenin, Kiswani posted a photo of a wall bearing the photos of various terrorists killed during clashes with Israeli soldiers, along with a caption affirming her support for their cause.

Following Hebrew-language media reports about Kiswani’s visit, Interior Ministry officials said that she will receive a “yellow letter” upon her departure from Israel. This document serves as a formal notice that she will need to coordinate any future visits to the country in advance with the authorities.

A video of Kiswani dedicating her 2022 CUNY Law School commencement speech to demonizing Israel went viral.

Jewish rights groups pointed to her remarks as proof of an antisemitic atmosphere hostile to Jews on the CUNY campus. Kiswani dismissed criticism of her rhetoric as a “Zionist conspiracy” aimed at silencing her.

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In 2022, Kiswani was a keynote speaker at an anti-Israel rally in New York, where she led chants against the Jewish State. Shortly after the rally, a group of attendees beat a Jewish man walking nearby in a brutal, unprovoked attack.

Also in 2022, she ‘liked’ an Instagram post praising the Palestinian terrorists who brutally murdered four Israelis with an axe in Elad.