Stabbing attack near Hebron, terrorist captured

The suspect was captured in an attempted stabbing attack.

By World Israel News Staff

A terrorist attempted to stab a policeman in Judea and Samaria on Monday morning.

It occurred at the Okafim junction near Hebron. The terrorist approached a police officer and soldier at an entrance leading to the city. The two told him to stop as they drew their weapons. He stopped and they seized him.

No injuries were reported.

It’s the third attempt of an attack of its kind in a month.

About a month ago, a Palestinian terrorist attempted a stabbing attack in the city of Ariel. He approached a position where soldiers stood, pulled out a knife and tried to stab them. Failing that, he tried to escape. The terrorist was shot in the leg and slightly injured during the chase. There were no Israeli casualties in that incident either.

Stabbing attacks by ‘lone wolf’ terrorists are an ongoing headache for Israel’s security sources. It’s rare for a month to go by without an Arab attempting such an attack.

stabbing attack

Knife used in the attempted stabbing attack. (IDF)