Stabbing attack near Tel Hashomer hospital

A guard was attacked at the entrance to Tel Hashomer hospital. It’s been officially classified as a criminal and not a terrorist incident.

By World Israel News Staff

A stabbing took place at the main entrance of Tel Hashomer Hospital on Wednesday around 1:30 p.m.

The stabber attacked the deputy head of security at the hospital. Footage of the incident shows three guards then open fire on the assailant as the wounded security guard stumbles to safety.

The attacker wounded the guard in his head. Zaki Heller, spokesman for Magen David Adom, told Channel 13 that the guard’s condition was light.

The stabber died after initially being listed in critical condition. He was Moustafa Younis, 27, from Ara, an Arab village near Haifa. His uncle, D.r Issam Younes, told Ynet, “He is a quiet man who has come to receive treatment. He suffers from epilepsy and behavioral problems. I don’t know what happened between him and the guards.”

Moustafa’s brother said, “He was in the car with his mother. He has epilepsy. Why was he shot?”

The incident has been defined as criminal in nature, and not a terrorist event.

MDA paramedic Adi Ben Aharon said: “Near the entrance gate for the vehicles we saw the two injured – one around 30, suffering from a stab wound walked around the scene and near him lay another lying unconscious.

“We put the injured person in an ambulance which evacuated him to the emergency room and performed advanced CPR on the wounded unconscious person, who was without a pulse and not breathing. He was also evacuated to the hospital and his condition is critical.”

The event follows a stabbing attempt at the Qalandiya crossing near Jerusalem. However, unlike that attack which was a terrorist incident, Wednesday’s incident took place in the center of Israel.