Highly Unusual: IDF uses airstrike to eliminate Jenin terror cell, thwarts attack

Israeli security forces followed the squad and informed the soldiers on the spot about the expected gunfire, after which an IDF drone eliminated the terrorists in time.

By World Israel News Staff

In a highly unusual move on Wednesday evening, the Israel Defense Forces killed a terrorist cell in a drone strike in Jenin.

The three cell members had just carried out a shooting in the town of Jalamah, located about 5 km. north of Jenin in Samaria.

“Following ISA [Israel Security Agency/Shin Bet] intelligence, IDF soldiers identified a terrorist cell inside a suspicious vehicle a short while ago, after the cell carried out a shooting adjacent to the town of Jalamah, “the IDF tweeted after the attack.

“The terrorist cell has carried out a number of shooting attacks toward communities in Judea and Samaria lately. Following the identification of the terrorist cell, an IDF UAV fired toward the cell and thwarted them,” the IDF said.

The airstrike was carried out by an Elbit Hermes 450 drone, operated by the Artillery Corps, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said.

Three terrorists were killed – Suhaib al-Ghoul, 27, Muhammad Awais, 28, and Ashraf a-Saadi, 17. They had managed to escape after carrying out previous shootings, Hagari said.

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Several Israeli officials have been calling for a strong military response due to the significant rise in deadly Palestinian terror attacks over the last few months.

“I praise the security forces who a short time ago carried out a targeted elimination of a terrorist squad that fired towards Israeli territory, and had previously carried out several shooting attacks,” Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated.

Because it was an unusual event that hadn’t been carried out in 17 years, Gallant gave his approval in advance.

“We will take an offensive and proactive approach to combat terrorism, we will use all the means at our disposal and we will exact the heaviest price from every terrorist or terrorist emissary,” the defense minister said.

The eliminated terrorists hailed from both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Both groups vowed that this incident will not go “unpunished.”

“The use of planes by the Zionist army to assassinate our people is a grave escalation,” Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassem stated.

Telegram blogger Abu Ali Express reported that following the unusual drone strike, Palestinian channels have published the following guidelines for terrorists:

– Don’t travel by car.

– Don’t travel by motorcycle.

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– Don’t carry a mobile phone.

– Remain completely concealed from aerial surveillance and avoid any exposure.

–  Use coded language when discussing military matters.

– Utilize messengers to relay messages through notes on paper.

–  Enhance and fortify existing hiding places for militants.

Jenin is a hotbed of Palestinian terror. In an IDF counterterrorism raid in the town on Monday, five terrorists were killed and dozens were injured. Seven Israeli soldiers were wounded as well.