US marine pushed to death in front of moving train

The county judge rejected the defense attorney’s claim that her client pushed the marine accidentally.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

An 18-year-old Chicago teenager was charged with first-degree murder on Friday after pushing a 29-year-old U.S. marine in front of a moving train, reports The Chicago Tribune.

Surveillance footage from Chicago’s Jackson station caught Ryan Munn and two others arguing with Mamadou Balde last Tuesday as he was waiting for the train. The former marine turned to walk away, but the teenager ran up to Balde and shoved him off the platform in front of the moving train.

The train dragged Balde along the platform as he struggled to free himself.

According to the report, the Cook County judge rejected Munn’s defense attorney’s claim that her client pushed Balde accidentally.

Balde joined the Marines at 18 years old and served two tours in Afghanistan. After his second tour, he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Disorder.

“He told me a lot. He told me things had haunted him” Balde’s father, Al Balde, told The Tribune.

“It was too much. Most of his friends died at one time in front of his eyes. … He told me that he had seen things … with children killed. He remembers looking at the mothers crying and he remembered that he didn’t even know his mom that much,” he said.

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The father hopes his son gets proper justice.

“(My son) went to fight for this country. Four years of his life. He did everything. He came here. He died homeless and penniless after all he had done for the country. So I hope at least at the end he would receive justice,” he said.