Bennett posts good news about Israel’s corona infection rate

“In other words, every infected person is currently infecting less than one person,” Bennett noted.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

“Encouraging news. R is less than 1,” Yemina party head Naftali Bennett tweeted on Sunday.

“For the very first time since the beginning of the second wave, Israel has reduced the infection rate below threshold 1. In other words, every infected person is currently infecting less than one person. This means that if the Israeli public continues to behave properly, the epidemic will go away.”

“It is precisely now that further efforts must be made to eradicate corona and to rehabilitate the livelihoods of the citizens of Israel,” he said. “It’s in our hands.”

“The analysis was done by the permanent group that I have aided by since the beginning of the crisis, while still Minister of Defense — This is the wonderful group of Hebrew University researchers. Over time I have found that they are the most solid and accurate,” he said in a separate tweet.

The Health Ministry released its figures for Saturday. The number of new cases is 625. There are 17,325 current cases in the country of which 340 are in serious condition and 96 intubated.

Bennett, who set up a “Citizens’ Coronavirus Cabinet,” has gained public support by proposing solutions to handle the crisis even as the government stumbled in its response. A Friday poll in Israel Hayom showed him with 12 percent support as the leader most fit to take the helm.

His Yemina party has also gained support in polls. The Friday poll showed showed Yemina winning 12 Knesset seats, up from 11 in a Channel 12 poll in early July.

Bennett says that at least three proposals that his unofficial corona cabinet has made have since been adopted by the government.