IDF footage reveals Hamas dragging hostages into Shifa hospital

The video shows a Thai and Nepali prisoner – one with a severely wounded arm – being forcibly taken into the facility.

By World Israel News

Video surveillance footage released on Sunday showed Hamas terrorists dragging hostages into Shifa hospital in Gaza.

This confirms earlier evidence indicating that the hospital was being used to hold hostages.

The video showed a Nepali and Thai prisoner captured on October 7. One was being dragged into the hospital and the other, with a seriously wounded arm, was placed onto a bed.

The IDF said it had notified the relevant authorities about the video and declared that the footage proved what was previously suspected – that Shifa Hospital was an integral part of Hamas terrorist infrastructure and the keeping of hostages.

Footage also showed Hamas terrorists around the hospital, inside and outside hostage rooms, and driving IDF vehicles stolen from soldiers.

An infographic shows where the bodies of hostages Noa Marciano and Yehudit Weiss were found a few days ago, in close proximity to the hospital.

The discovery of two bodies of hostages close to the Shifa hospital last week hinted that Israeli captives, at least at some point, were held on the hospital premises.

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At the hospital, the IDF found a laptop with photos of hostages, as well as documentation and information about them.

The surveillance footage confirms that hostages were indeed being kept at Shifa Hospital.