International delegation of prosecutors sees Hamas atrocities first-hand

The delegation consisted of officials from Germany, the United States, France, Argentina, and Austria to promote investigations and prosecutions against Hamas atrocities.


Israel’s Foreign Ministry, together with its Ministry of Justice, hosted a delegation of senior legal officials from around the world and took them on a tour of the southern part of the country near Gaza. This is the area that was attacked on October 7 by Hamas.

The ministry said that the purpose of the trip was, among other things, to promote investigations and prosecutions against Hamas and its officials for the barbaric atrocities it committed.

The delegation included leaders of the prosecution systems and senior prosecutors from Germany, the US, France, Argentina and Austria – countries whose citizens were murdered or kidnapped in the Hamas attack.

They met with the representatives of the Legal Counsel Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the people of the Prosecution and Counseling and Legislation at the Ministry of Justice, and also received reviews from senior representatives of the ministries, as well as the spokesperson of the IDF, the Israel Police, the Shin Bet and more.

Attorney General of the State of Virginia, Jason Mierez, said, “The heinous crimes of Hamas are not directed only against Israelis, but against all of humanity. We will do everything in our power to fight the organization and its people, wherever it is they are there.”