UN caught inflating civilian casualty figures in Gaza by twofold

Hamas’s Health Ministry even admits to “incomplete data” on roughly one-third of the reported Palestinian casualties in Gaza.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

The United Nations appears to be reporting inconsistent numbers of women and children casualties in Gaza, and at one point, cut these numbers in half.

On May 8, the UN published that there were 34,844 fatalities in Gaza since October 7th.

This number was said to include 4,959 women and 7,797 children, comprising 20 percent and 32 percent of the total, respectively.

However, just two days previous, the UN reported that 34,735 were dead, with 9,500 women killed and 14,500 children.

Rather than providing an explanation for such a wide disparity, the UN stated that it “has so far not been able to produce independent, comprehensive, and verified casualty figures.”

Since the beginning of the war, it was clear that the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry numbers were being manipulated, given the inconsistencies and statistical impossibilities in some of the numbers.

Hamas’s Health Ministry even admits to “incomplete data” about a third of the reported Palestinian casualties in Gaza.

The Ministry reported that 11,371 recorded deaths were missing names, dates of birth and other essential information to identify the bodies.

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Although hospitals in Gaza were used to calculate the civilian death toll, the fact that Hamas is embedded in hospitals posed difficulties regarding safety and getting accurate information.

One report published by Fathom Journal suggested that the claim that 70% of casualties so far in the war are civilians is “statistically impossible.”

Veteran journalist Joe Truzman wrote, “It is important to recognise that Hamas is deeply invested in shaping the narrative that emerges from Gaza, particularly regarding the number of casualties in the war.”

He added, “here is also a deliberate effort to downplay the number of terrorists who have been killed by Israel in the war, potentially numbering more than 10,000.”