Florida student protesters admit they are ‘anti-Jewish’

‘And we, as Arab, Palestinian, Muslim, and anti-Jewish students, are we not worth protecting?’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Florida anti-Israel protesters say the quiet part out loud in a viral video during which they describe themselves as “anti-Jewish.”

The video was filmed in February but was recently released online by the Twitter/X handle “Israel War Room.”

In a Florida State University student senate meeting video, six students debate a motion to demand a ceasefire in the Gaza war.

One student steps forward and says, “And every single protest that we have, our actions have had counter-protesters, and there is never any backlash and never police protecting us.”

She continued, “In fact, our police are directly protecting counter-protesters even at our events.”

“So I want to ask you all, is Palestinian life not worth mourning? And we, as Arab, Palestinian, Muslim, and anti-Jewish students, are we not worth protecting?” she said.

The video went viral and was greeted with shock by many on social media at the so-called “slip of the tongue” when the protester described herself as “anti-Jewish.”

However, others noted that the wording must have been intended because the student was reading from a prepared speech.

One user on X, who writes under the handle Nancy Nakba, said, “I think everyone knew we meant ‘Jew’ whenever we said ‘Zionist’ anyway.”

One of the resolutions at the student senate meeting read, “This is the first genocide where people praise the oppressor and hate towards the victim. Something needs to change.”

Later, they posted that the ceasefire motion had been ended.

Over the past several weeks, university campuses globally, particularly in the United States, have been in uproar over anti-Israel protests against the war to eliminate Hamas.

Columbia’s anti-Israel encampment created the model of other encampments on university campuses.

Protesters, some of whom are not students and do not respond to threats of disciplinary action against university administration officials, frequently block the access of Jewish students to classes and buildings on campus.

In many areas, the police have been called when protesters refuse to vacate areas and have made hundreds of arrests.

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