ISIS claims responsibility for Berlin terror attack on Christmas shoppers

ISIS claimed responsibility for a terror attack in Berlin Monday evening that left 12 dead and 48 wounded.

The Islamic State terror organization announced that they were behind a vehicular terror attack that killed 12 people and wounded 48, some severely.

In what was confirmed the next dady as a deliberate act of terror, a truck driver rammed into a Christmas market in Berlin Monday evening.

“The executor of the operation in Berlin…is a soldier of the Islamic state, and he executed the operation in response to calls to target nationals of the coalition countries,” ISIS’ AMAQ news agency stated on Tuesday.

The perpetrators are still at large. “There are several leads investigators are following now,” German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said.

Earlier in the day, a Pakistani immigrant was taken into custody on suspicion of involvement. Authorities acknowledged that they were not certain whether they had the right person.

In late November, the US State Department warned of a “heightened risk of terror attacks” at events across Europe during the Christmas season, saying there was “credible information” that Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qaeda were planning bloodshed.

Ralph Peters, a retired US army lieutenant colonel, author and analyst, told Fox News that German officials had evidence that Islamic terrorists were plotting a truck attack on a Christmas market.

Monday’s carnage appears to mirror the terrorist attack in Nice, France this past July, when a Tunisian native drove a truck into a crowd participating in Bastille Day celebrations. Eighty-six people were killed in the attack.

By: World Israel News Staff