Israel fortifies nuclear facilities in response to Iran’s ‘outrageous threats’

Israel’s atomic energy commission director announced at an international meeting this week that Israel is taking Iranian threats seriously and is protecting key infrastructure accordingly.

By: World Israel News Staff

At the annual meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna on Tuesday, Israel’s atomic energy chief Zeev Snir addressed recent threats issued by the Iranian regime.

Snir commented, “We cannot ignore the repeated and explicit threats, made by Iran and its proxies, to attack Israel’s nuclear sites. These outrageous threats, require Israel to take action and continue to protect and defend its nuclear facilities.”

With regard to the potential for Iranian strikes, Snir noted, “These facilities are constantly upgraded and reinforced, in line with IAEA safety guidelines, in order to withstand any attack.”

In addition to highlighting Israeli preparedness for strikes from the Islamic Republic, Snir also challenged the IAEA to  investigate Iran’s secret nuclear activities.

To that end, Snir referenced Iran’s purported “lies and concealment efforts,” demanding that the IAEA “conduct a robust verification of Iran’s clandestine activities” and its “covert nuclear weapons program,” which Snir referred to as “a documented fact.”

Snir also drew attention to Syria’s covert attempt to construct a nuclear reactor, which Israel destroyed in 2007.

“Syria built an undeclared, secretive military nuclear reactor at Dir Alzour. Such concealment of illicit activities, is a clear violation of the Non Proliferation Treaty and Syria’s safeguards obligations. The IAEA and the international community should have taken action ten years ago, and must take action now,” Snir added.

In reference to the Iranian nuclear threat, Snir conlcuded, “Iran lied to the Agency, and to the world. These were not ‘possible’ military dimensions, but concrete ones.”