US wants Israel’s ‘suicide drone’

The U.S. Department of Defense is reportedly considering acquisition of an Israeli attack drone described as “ideal for anti-tank missions.”

By World Israel News Staff

This week, news broke that the U.S. Defense Department wants to spend close to $7 million on an Israeli drone capable of reaching altitudes of 1,500 feet and attacking a variety of targets.

A report by the Jerusalem Post, based on information in Inside Defense, described the potential acquisition of the “suicide drone.”

The craft’s official name is the Hero-120  and it is manufactured by Israeli company UVision.

UVision describes the drone as “ideal for anti-tank missions, or other strategic objectives,” referring to the Hero-120 as “the largest of the short-range systems” and noting its “3.5 kg warhead” and “extended flight time of 60 minutes.”

According to reports cited by the Post, UVision previously sold Hero “loitering munitions” to the IDF and several NATO countries.