Police report continued success in crackdown on violent crime in Arab sector

Since the launch of Operation Safe Track, 228 indictments have been filed against associates of Arab crime organizations.


On the sixth anniversary of the launch of Operation Safe Track, Israel’s police reported that advances in the fight against crime and violence in Arab society in all areas.

This includes the arrest of key crime figures, increased activities against criminal organizations, and the confiscation of hundreds of millions of shekels in cash and valuables.

Operation Safe Track is intended to crack down on violent crime in Israel’s Arab communities. Israel has seen a great deal of lawlessness recently in the south of the country, specifically in the Bedouin community. The current government has made the fight against crime in the Arab sector a major objective.

Since the operation began, the Israel Police has recorded an increase in arrests related to extortion, with 188 indictments filed for extortion by threats. This constitutes an increase of about 90 percent compared to the same period last year.

Police activity was carried out against 585 major perpetrators of crime in Arab society (constituting approximately 80% of the defined targets).

228 indictments have been filed against major perpetrators of crime and operatives of criminal organizations.

NIS 210 million was confiscated from criminals in Arab society, including luxury vehicles, bank accounts, property and cash.

There was a 375% increase in the seizure of weapons smuggling across borders: 228 seizures this year compared to 48 in the corresponding period last year.

184 rifles of various types, 90 pistols, 78 grenades of various types, 18 explosives, 2 submachine guns and two explosive devices were seized.